Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Connection - My latest Solo Exhibition in NYC


Resistors, connectors, transistors, circuit boards are integral parts of technology; they are all man-made materials that connect to create the devices we use today to communicate. Those devices and their components have changed, evolved and gotten so sophisticated that technology is no longer isolated; it has become part of our everyday lives. The absence of a computer, a tablet or a cellphone leaves us feeling naked, disoriented, with the empty sensation of being disconnected from the rest of the world. In a way, they have become the idols of this new generation, in what we trust and where we seek comfort…

But what happens when the essence, the thousand parts of those devices get connected with other materials? Would they connect in the same way? Would they create a new form of communication?

This new exhibition explores the CONNECTION between computer parts, their environment, and the human being. A connection that can change depending on the manipulation of the piece and from which points it is held. It has grown from the idea of how things influence us to how we influence them; they are armors, shields, capes that can take on new shapes depending on circumstances and how we choose to interact with them.

The installations are like drawings on the walls or suspended in the air, creating the feeling of movement and structure, and at the same time revealing organic shapes. In the end, it is all about asking ourselves: what is our connection to technology? Does it connect or disconnect?