Friday, June 21, 2013

XVI Salón SuperCable Jóvenes con FIA

This coming Sunday, June 23, 2013 will be the inauguration of the XVI Salón SuperCable Jóvenes con FIA in Caracas, Venezuela. I'm proud to announce that I was on of the 20 artists selected to participate in it with my sculpture "La Fuente de la Juvented"

La Fuente de la Juventud
Resistors, PVC and wire
2013 © Nadia Martinez

Emilio Narciso proposes a youth room to see, touch and feel 

The creations of 20 artists under 35 years old dialogue with the idea polisensorialidad.
Sculptures touch, an atmosphere that includes mandalas projected on the ceiling and a pouf, grocery items, musical instruments and designed to sit dimensional pieces are part of the XVI edition of Salon Supercable Jovenes with FIA, which this year commitment to the art polisensorialidad . The confrontation will be inaugurated on Sunday with the participation of 20 artists under 35 years old, a group of invited artists and Contact Group, which brings together creators blind.
the curator Emilio Narciso, who built his story exhibition based on the theme "The practice of fiction".
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The FIA ​​shows his younger face

"The practice of fiction" is the premise from which 20 artists - 18 Venezuelans and 2 foreign-created a work of art this Sunday aspires to be one of the three awardees with FIA Young Hall.
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Multidisciplinary Fiction Youth with FIA

Reclaiming reality from fiction . That's the premise of  XVI Salon Supercable Jovenes con FIA which opens this Sunday in Banking Corp spaces. Its curator, Emilio Narciso, conceived the show as a body of work that explores on the creative capacity that is enhanced from fiction to create worlds that challenge reality.Read more here

"The practice of fiction" is the premise that leads the event, which will present the creations of young people under 35 years covering the practice of painting, photography, drawing, collage, sculpture, performance, installation and sound art."Read more here